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Our Studio Session videos are a fantastic marketing tool to enable your business to have a high quality, professional studio style video created with a beautiful clean white background. This style of video is excellent for introducing your company, informing your audience of a new product or service you have or even to give insight into a hot topic within your industry.

Using our digital autocue, simply turn up and read your script and we will produce your minute and a half long video for you.

At our Studio Session events held at our office in Warwick, we are able to bring the cost down for you, so for just £150 +VAT this makes your video even more affordable.

Your finished video is perfect for a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or on your website.

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Video Production


Additional extras include background music, animating your logo, supporting text and visuals and other coloured backgrounds.

Nervous in front of the camera? Our gentle and friendly team will help guide you through and ensure you are fully satisfied with your video.

To book in your one-hour Studio Session please call the office on 01926 298088 or e-mail us at

Studio Session dates



Saturday 4th
Monday 6th
Friday 24th