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Every year Soft-Focus Productions takes pride in donating their video services to a charity or a cause. This year was an easy choice. As husband and wife, co-owners, Edward and Beckie, are soon to be first time parents, choosing the Birth and Babies Appeal seemed like the obvious choice. Not was not only on was this appeal on their minds, but also mentioned a lot by friends, family and midwives.

The Birth and Babies Appeal, are fundraising for a brand new midwife-led birthing centre due to open at Warwick Hospital this summer with lots of new fantastic facilities. This new centre will benefit so many families across South Warwickshire, however, they rely on fundraising to achieve their goal.

Edward and Beckie are thrilled to be able to help Warwick Hospital in this way and have donated over £2000 of their filming and editing services as well as photography to help the Birth and Babies Appeal raise their social media awareness in order to achieve their £200,000 target.

“I’m especially looking forward to being able to use the MLU to have our first baby this September. Having hyperemesis gravidarum (severe sickness) throughout my pregnancy and been hospitalised for this, knowing there will be a brand new, home from home, a calm and relaxed environment to give birth to our baby makes the daunting experience to come, actually feel very exciting and I can’t wait to go back to Warwick Hospital. We’ve had a great time creating videos to help reach the Birth and Babies Appeal’s target and really hope our videos have helped boost the online presence of the appeal, as the MLU will bring so much comfort and ease to families in South Warwickshire in a life-changing event” Beckie

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We created 6 videos for the MLU.  We did several interviews with Midwives that would be working within the new birthing centre. We also shot a studio video with Sarah Noble, Head of Midwifery at South Warwickshire NHS Trust. Finally, just days before the first baby was born, we filmed a fly through, giving expecting parents the chance to look around the centre.

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