We have just launched our new series of dates for our Studio Sessions.

Our Studio Session videos are a fantastic marketing tool to enable your business to have a high quality, professional studio style video created with a beautiful clean white background. This style of video is excellent for introducing your company, informing your audience of a new product or service you have or even to give insight into a hot topic within your industry.

Using our digital autocue, simply turn up and read your script and we will produce your minute and a half long video for you.

At our Studio Session events held at our office in Warwick, we are able to bring the cost down for you, so for just £150 +VAT, this makes your video even more affordable.




Studio Session dates [Spring/Summer 2019]:


Wednesday 27th


Saturday 13th

Thursday 25th


Tuesday 7th

Saturday 25th


Monday 3rd

Friday 14th


Saturday 6th

Wednesday 17th


Monday 5th

Thursday 22nd